Yuval's Australia Pictures

Here are some pictures from my July 1999 trip to Australia and New Zealand with the California Repercussions.

testing the zoom on dennis & molly
our fabulous bone section
pretty colors in canberra
scott's mobile massage
paul has a shiny trumpet
troy contemplates a shot
they have sheep too
sheep on the move
taking over the japanese gardens
trumpets rule
doug the happy caver
oooh, they glow
strolling outside chifley cave
walking along the waterfalls
our human statue team
koala and son
troy giving the birds some tips
albino roo lounging
echidna (spiny anteater)
echidnas and friend
free range rooster
the wombat
rugby league...go bears!
rugby action
real determination
the famed sydney opera house
the bridge, by sea
brad enjoys the cruise
elaine, dave, and a cup of tea
the reapers headline at the opry
the last supper
a good cigar after dinner
kim and grant
queenstown, new zealand
flying into milford sound
the coastline
flying through the mountains
jetboating down the shotover
top of the lift
flying home

All images © Copyright 1999 Yuval Oren